I would like to express my appreciation to the Pakistan Kennel Club and Labrador Retriever Club of Pakistan, for inviting me to Judge at your show in 2023. The layout and facilities for the show, the rings and all the ceremonies on the day were a credit to the dedication and hard work and professionalism of all staff involved. My first time to Pakistan and I received a very positive experience in the friendliness of the people in evolved, the hospitality and exceptional welcome that I got from everyone. Lastly I must mention the dogs, not knowing what to expect, I found a high quality of exhibits, well within the breed standard, excellent coats and in good condition, carrying the correct weight to be fit for purpose, It was an absolute pleasure to Judge.

Linda Harvey Major

United Kingdom
Linda Harvey

At the first time I have heard to judge a dog show in your lovely country I was very surprised. I start the trip and I reached Pakistan/ Lahore . It was amazing to meet you and your family and all your friends. Than the day of Dog show. I never have seen like that arrangement. The people/ the people who helped. And than the judging the dogs I have seen in my circle and the neighbours circle was great. This high quality i never expected!! The same with the people in the ring. All known what to do. After that I have seen how many times and work in breading the members of PKC do with her dogs with AC and pool and man power that they feel well i never seen it in a other country. On my second visit it was the same. It was a great honour for me to have seen the dogs to stay in contact with the breeders.

Marcel Kruger

Marcel Kruger

I had the pleasure and honour to visit this great Country in February 2023, when I was part of the International judging panel at the Pakistan Kennel Club’s Championship All Breed Show.

I was hugely impressed, first of all with the hospitality shown towards me by the Pakistani people. They certainly go out of their way to make you feel welcome. One thing that really stood out is when after 3 days I arrived there, I received a call from the immigration officer that attended to me at the airport asking me whether everything is allright and if I needed anything, impressive!

Our host, PKC’s President Syed Imitiaz Hussain made sure that we were looked after like royalty, I am forever grateful to this great man who is doing a sterling job to improve the dog scene in Pakistan, his dedication and non-stop commitment towards PKC is very commendable and impressive.

The show itself was organised in a big public garden, and upon visiting the venue a day before the show I was hugely impressed by the great number of people and volunteers working tirelessly to prepare the venue, and they did a splendid job. The venue was decorated with flowers, red carpets, big rings, everything organised to every detail.

On show day, the positive experience was no less. So many helpers at the show, a number of stewards, all working tirelessly to see that the show goes flawlessly. The erray of lovely trophies and prizes handed out was indeed impressive as well. There was a very good entry of dogs, some of very good quality, with some needing training on handling and presentation, like anywhere else. Above all, the participants were very friendly and their level of sportsmanship was indeed commendable. Most importantly, they are eager to learn and improve, which is very important. It is very evident that their strongest breeds, in quality and quantity, are the German Shepherd Dogs, Labradors and Golden Retrievers, and they can hold their ground in any competition around the World!

It was an overall a very good experience judging at the PKC show, and certainly a most enjoyable one. If only I had an idea of what I would have been experiencing, I would have certainly spent more days there to go around their vast and beautiful Country and experiencing their culture.

Well done again to the PKC President and his team, their sponsors, which plays a very important part in their continous success. Keep up the good work and I certainly wish you more success in the future.

Frank Borg

Linda Harvey


Hello exhibitors and spectators. My name is richard mc coy, i have been judging at championship shows since 1972. I am classed as an all breed judge, but i am also a specialist judge in some breeds. I am a recogonised all breed judge by the irish kennel club and the fci. And have judged in many countries in the world earlier this year i judged at two shows organised by the ркс. One show was in faisalabad and the other in multan. At this point i would like to thank all exhibitors for their entries and also the spectators for their support to exhibitors and the pkc.

The pkc

The pkc is a fairly young club, however their organasational skills were very impresive.the showgrounds were first class as were the ring staff. These two shows i judged at could compete as far as quality goes with any club / show in the world were i have judged. They are world class.what amazed me most,was the age group that the president and his officers and committee belong to, they are all young people they understand dogdom and more importantly the needs of exhibitors. This is a very important element in the game of dogs, to permitt the progression of our sport.


The quality of the dogs presented to me at both shows, were no different to dogs i have judged in many countries. In all classes there can oly be one first, one second, one third, one fourth, the same applies to best dog, best bitch and bob. It can be a difficult job judging, sometimes i would like to award in every class two firsts etc, etc. But that is not possible, in all sports there has to be winners and losers. Bearing in mind my previous statement, there were no rubbish dogs presented, they all had their own qualities, and that is the criteria by which i judge.


Firstly, to all exhibitors if i awarded you and your dog a placement, that placement was based on my interpretation of the breed standard, and what i visualised in the minutes i spent with you dog. The same dog the next day i might place differently, simply because i see something better in the ring or your dog does not perform the same as the first day. If you did not receive an award from me, you must never be downhearted, i am only one judge, other judges will award differently. Try and remember that a breed standard is like a bible, the teachings are interpreted differently by the various faiths ( judges ) who read them. I found that all the exhibitors and their supporter to be polite and passionate in their sport, and the amount of spectators giving their friends the support was exceptional. Handling could have been better, i know that the pkc have handling classes, please support them, at the same time supporting your dog and bettering youself.


Exhibitors, you are very lucky to have the pkc at your disposal, and the efforts they go to in making your show a success, very lucky.support the pkc. With your continued support the pkc can grow, you can grow and enjoy your sport. I wish you all the best for your future, and may god be with you.

Richard McCoy

Richard McCoy