The Managing Committee

General (R) Zahid Mubashir Sheikh
Patron in Chief

Maj Gen (R) Zahid Mubashir Sheikh is the patron in chief of PKC-PGSDC since 2016. He is a great dog lover and actively participates in various club activities.... Presently the general officer is Pakistan's ambassador in Ukraine.

Syed Imtiaz Shah

A businessman by profession. He is an experienced Judge as well as an excellent breeder. He has been fond of dogs since his childhood. ...Actively leading the team PKC & PGSDC as a president.

Jalal Muhammad Khan
Vice President

A lecturer and businessman by profession, Jalal Muhammad Khan has been affiliated with many national and international educational boards. ...A dog enthusiast, he is committed to produce international quality GSD in Pakistan. Actively working as Vice President in PGSDC.

Faizan Tahir

A businessman by profession. He is working on dogs since 2008. Appreciated and valued by dog world as a GSDs breeder.... Actively serving PGSDC as a secretary.

Waleed Niazi
Executive Member

A businessman by profession. A qualified breeder, dealing with dogs since 1998. Holding an extensive experience about GSDs.

Faisal Asif
Executive Member

A goldsmith by profession. Skilfully breeding GSDs since 2005. An ownered and most supporting member of PGSDC.

Rana Zahir
Executive Member

He is one of the founding member of PGSDC. He has been fond of dogs since his childhood, especially German Shepherd Dog ...breed is of his main interest. He has been actively involved in showing and breeding of GSDs since 2013.

Muhmmad Salman Ahmad
Executive Member

He is doing GSDs breeding professionally from a long time. One of the most rated breeder of the pakistan. Affiliated with PGSDC as a most trusted member.

Rana Sharafat Ali
Executive Member

A businessman by profession. A loyal and one of the most supporting member of PGSDC. He has been involved in GSDs breeding from last 12 years.

Arbab Fateh
Executive Member

He is a professional Manager in oil field and played a vital role in promoting GSD breeding and showing activities He has owned many Pakistan Seigers ...including Oscar haus vom mailand & Madox vom schlobrugland

Syed Farhan Ali
Executive Member

Mr Syed Farhan Ali Shah is a renowned breeder and has got excellent reputation as far as breeding quality is concerned. He has been keeping ...and raising dogs since his childhood. He raising various breed like Shih Tzu, Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds.