The Pakistan German Shepherd Dog Club (PGSDC) is newly developed and the solely club of Pakistan that has emerged through the environments of nepotism, prejudice, in-certainty and kinship. It provides platform to new comers and dog lovers to learn about German Shepherd Dog (GSD) breed and provides an equal opportunity to present their dogs, without any type of favoritism.

Since 2017, Pakistan German Shepherd Dog Club is working under Pakistan Kennel Club (PKC), which is itself a nonprofit organization and the canine control authority of Pakistan. PGSDC organizes all his events and dog shows under PKC rules and regulation. Besides, PGSDC has its international affiliations with International canine organization (IKU) having head office in “Moscow” and World Union German Shepherd Dog (WUGSD) having head office in “Germany”. Both IKU & WUGSD are composed of thousands of clubs and nurseries around the world and dogs affiliated under PGSDC-PKC can participate worldwide, where these federations are working.

Every year, PGSDC organizes several events like seminars, dog shows, meetings and conferences for its members, to learn them about GSDs breeding and training, as the future of the GSD in Pakistan is dependent on intensive hard work and application of the knowledge and experience.

All members of the PGSDC are treated just like a family and we are always looking forward for new GSD fanciers to start with their new passion and enthusiasm in healthy, friendly and progressive atmosphere.

Objectives of the PGSDC

  • Procurement and incorporating the DNA sampling with pedigrees.
  • Improve quality of dog shows.
  • Linking with Army and Agricultural veterinary universities of Pakistan Government.

  • Liaison with the World to adopt the latest trends and norms of dog keeping.
  • Promoting true soft image of Pakistan.
  • Setting the standard and raising the bar for all other kennel clubs in order to facilitate every dog and the owner.

5000 +

Qualified Staf

700 +

Best Player Team

245 +

Full Day Session

648 +

International Awards