Pakistan German Shepherd Dog Club show management committee has approved 5 shows for show season 2023-24 on June 20, 2023. Follow us on all major social media platforms for the latest news.     Dear Members ! Remember to fill in the online stud certificate form within 15 days of mating. Visit our website to fill the online form. Let's maintain accurate records and uphold our breeding standards!     The Pakistan German Shepherd Club has announced the launch of its new online registration system, aimed at simplifying the process of registering dogs and enhancing the overall user experience for pet owners and breeders.


The Pakistan German Shepherd Dog Club (PGSDC) is a commendable initiative that aims to promote and educate people about the German Shepherd Dog breed in Pakistan. Its focus on creating a fair and inclusive environment, free from nepotism and prejudice, is a positive step towards encouraging newcomers and dog lovers to participate and learn about GSDs.


Pakistan Kennel Club is devoted to Promote the passion of keeping, breeding and Showcasing of Purebred Dogs. We strive to enable our valued members to actively encourage and participate in PGSDC conformation, training seminars, and other events. We Patronise to promote responsible heritage breeding to preserve all recognized breeds and strengthen the unique relationship between dogs and their owners.

  • We love purebred dogs.
  • We cherish dogs as our companions.
  • We protect their health and well-being.
  • We are committed to promote the sport of the purebred dogs.
  • We are committed to safeguard the interests of the dog owners.
  • We uphold high standards for the administration and operation at The PGSDC.
  • We recognize the critical importance of our club, its members and volunteers.

Kennel Directory

PGSDC Kennel Directory facilitates our members with the record of all registered kennels and the list of dogs of the kennel

Pedigree Verification

Take pride in the heritage of your dog with a unique record from the PGSDC that details the family tree of your dog


You're joyfully invited to participate in upcoming events. More offerings are in the works, so check back often for the latest updates.

Apply Membership

We welcome new applications to PGSDC! Your first step is to review the information on fees & requirements.

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